The Science Behind Swanson Fat Burner

Swanson Fat Burner is the “diet pill” offering of Swanson Health products, which specializes in a variety of vitamin blends with generic names and natural formulas. ”Fat Burner” is one of the lowest rated of their products and while some of the ingredients look promising, the concentrations give us some idea of why it hasn’t… Read More »


Phenphedrine is advertised as an elite weight loss supplement that will give you incredible results, and thousands of consumers are flocking to this formula to help them lose more weight than dieting and exercising alone. Theoretically, Phenphedrine uses a unique blend of all-natural ingredients to promote hunger hormone CART and suppress NPY. When used correctly,… Read More »

Synedrex Metabolic Nutrition

How to lose belly with Metabolic Nutrition – Synedrex 45 Capsules (New Formula, does not contain DMAA!) Synedrex Details Powerful stimulant solution for weight loss. Medical formula. high power thermogenic. Accelerator metabolism. Controls appetite. Extreme Energy. Focus and mental clarity. Since its creation Synedrex has proven to be the most advanced thermogenic weight loss of… Read More »

African Mango Diet Supplement

Ever since African Mango extract was featured on the Dr. Oz health awareness show several months ago, the African Mango hype began to spread its way through and infiltrate every region of the dietary supplement industry. African Mango supplements are popping up without explanation all over health food and nutrition location shelves. This article will… Read More »